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Salon Offers More Than Hair Care

Written by: ERIC T. CAMPBELL
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SUNDAY, JULY 19, 2009

DETROIT — Salon owner Nefertiti has been working for years perfecting the craft of caring for hair naturally. Her recent move to a more accommodating space has allowed her to add services which provide an encompassing experience designed to enrich the spirit.

Textures by Nefertiti was a founding member of the Spiral Collective, an alliance of businesses located at Cass and Willis in Midtown. For almost six years Nefertiti braided, locked and provided natural care to clients in a 300 sq. ft. room with three chairs. At 1,100 square feet and in the same neighborhood, the new salon offers a range of services not possible in her former space.

“I wouldn’t even call it a salon,” Nefertiti told the Michigan Citizen. “I wanted to create an environment where people come in and don’t have to think about the outside world — it’s a place of peace and serenity.”

Textures now also provides clients with manicure and pedicure services, facials, body waxing and massage therapy.

The opportunity to increase her range of services has not changed Nefertiti’s purpose in providing them, which stems from her days coming up in Chicago as a print model.

“From that experience, I became very aware of the self-images of African American women,” Nefertiti says.

Nefertiti moved to Detroit 15 years ago to be more involved with the Shrine of the Black Madonna. She began working with hair soon after. Her subsequent training evolved from workshops to a home-based operation to the partnership with Sharon Pryor and Janet Jones, which spawned the Spiral Collective.

She says her work with fabric design has helped her foster a unique approach to working with hair.

Nefertiti explains: “The work I did with silk fabric and textile design translated to hair.”

Nefertiti’s style of starting and cultivating locs aims to keep them neat and manageable. As a result, her business has comprised a good number of professionals.

Textures by Nefertiti caters to the male clientele through services like the Man on the Go pedicure, which incorporate a hand massage. The venture is also on its way to providing the complete spa experience.

“I’ve begun to do Caucasian women, Hispanic women — I’m inviting everybody to come in and have an experience,” Nefertiti says.

Innovative spa practices are featured prominently at Textures by Nefertiti. Pre-natal massage, aromatherapy and Reiki/energy balancing are practiced in the inner sanctuary that Nefertiti affectionately refers to as the “womb room.”

All hair and beauty products employed at Textures are organic — Nefertiti also uses plants from her own garden for certain herbal rinses.

Nefertiti, along with massage therapist Natasha Wilson and Esthetics Practitioner Dena Rodgers, shouldn’t have a problem staying in touch with the Cass Avenue community that welcomed her for six years — the new salon is only a block away.

Nefertiti says, “My mission for years has been to open a space for alternative healing along with the hair. My thing is: Inner beauty leads to outer beauty.”

Textures by Nefertiti is located at 4147 Cass Avenue between Willis and Alexandrine. For more information call 313-831-4771 or visit